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Filmed in the streets of Tijuana, Mexico, where prostitution is regarded as one of the most successful professions,
Docunography Documentary reveals the remarkable stability of Mexican Prostitution. San Diego/Tijuana International
Border is the most frequently crossed border in the world, with over 40 million people crossing every year, and
thousands of Americans crossing over to Tijuana to solicit sexual services throughout dozens of brothels.

You will be amazed at what goes on day in and day out in the life style of a prostitute, the reality of their work place,
and the many other factors that contribute to their decision of working as a street girl. Girls from all walks of life
find it as a means to the end, a fast and simple way of making money to support their families.

The city of Tijuana has adopted methods that are representing their own interest, including making prostitution legal by
applying the constitutional right of Mexican women to do whatever she decides with her own body. With well established
governmental policies and procedures, the security, living and working spaces of these women rest upon their pure consent
and have absolute control of their daily activities. Our hope is that you find the video educational, informational,
entertaining, and at the same time an eye-opening experience to a taboo subject in our society.